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Translation, Editing, and Revision

from English to German and German to English. Please inquire about other language combinations.


Our Pledge

We provide high-quality service at competitive prices.

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TEL +1 419 320 7745

Learn more about our work process below.


Fields of Expertise:

Translation, proofreading and editing services are offered in these fields:

Legal texts /law (business contracts, terms and conditions, court documents such as complaints, divorce decrees, and many other legal documents; personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, wills, prenuptial agreements and other texts concerning the law of the United States, Germany, and Austria; certified translations for the United States)

Business/Marketing (website translations, marketing and advertising materials, company and product presentations, business and financial reports, public relations texts, compliance and ethics statements, online training courses and training manuals, terms and conditions, and many more)

Medical/Pharmaceutical texts (diagnoses, medical and psychological reports, medical certificates, instructions for medical procedures and devices, descriptions and explanations of medications and instructions for their use, court documents involving patient histories, complications after surgeries and use and misuse of medications, certified translations of court decisions, and much more)

We work in other areas as well: literature, social sciences, IT, engineering and more:

Literature - novels, short stories, other prose texts
Cinema/Film - scripts, subtitling
Tourism - websites and brochures for hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies
IT - manuals, texts/reports related to web technologies, computing and telecommunication
Engineering - manuals, texts/reports related to electrical, electronic and mechanical systems
The Environment - academic/scientific treatises and reports, research projects, books, other texts
Social Science - academic treatises, research projects, books, other texts

History - academic treatises, historical research projects, websites, books, incl. biographies
Politics - U.S and European Union texts, political science treatises, websites, books, other texts
Philosophy - treatises, biographies, websites, books, other texts
Religion - theological texts, websites, books, other texts with Christian content

 Services in other subject fields are available. Please inquire. 



Work Process:

Quotes and Orders:
All steps of the work/service process are carried out by highly qualified translators, from project preparation to completion.

How it works:

Step 1: You contact us and let us know what your language needs are.

Get in touch now: 

Call or text +1 419 320 7745 or email us at

Step 2: Based on your needs, we will ask you to supply the original text and/or other necessary information.
Step 3: After our review of your information, we will email you a quote, description of the work process, and order contract.
Step 4: You return the order contract to us. This serves as your assurance that you receive the services you need.

Step 5: We will deliver the translation or other language related service/product to you via email or any other means required.  

Step 6: You pay for your service.*
*Payment: You pay for our services via bank transfer, money order, business check (for established businesses) or PayPal (using your credit or debit card). Please understand that we operate over the internet. Thus, payment is expected when you receive your translation. Down payments might be required for large translations.

The order contract serves as your security and ours. In case of very large translations, we will suggest a payment schedule.

We look forward to a successful partnership!

Bernhard and Susannah Sulzer
TEL/TXT: +1 419 320 7745

Skype ID: bernhardsulzer

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