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Celebrating 25 successful years of professional translation services (1998-2023)  

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Please take the time to read the following short discussion of human versus artificial translation:

We are ready to work with your business, providing professional, accurate, and stylistically flawless texts that will engage your current and prospective customers/clients alike. As always, it is important that every translation you use is a great translation. Your audience not only needs to get accurate information, but when style and clarity matter, only a professional human translator can provide it. No machine or AI-algorithm will ever be able to give you a translation that can be trusted. All a translation software does is compare a code for a word or phrase in one language with previously used codes for words or phrases in another, stored in a memory bank, or, determines the probability that a code it chooses is correct, calculating probability patterns and word sequences based on prior computations (= guesses). It might get it right one time and completely wrong the next. But the likelihood that the machine encounters the exact same text that you created already used before in another language is quite unlikely. Therefore, it cannot guarantee the accuracy  of what it suggests as a translation. It's something patched together using other texts. A human translator will UNDERSTAND your text and translate it based on his/her understanding and knowledge.  A machine does not THINK like a human being, it possesses not a shred of human intelligence or understanding. It has no sense for stylistic nuances, brevity, or clarity. And because of this, translations need to come from an experienced human translator. We use software to help us, but ultimately, we write and review our text ourselves and we decide what is correct and what is not. With our experience you make sure that every translation you get is a great translation. A translation you can trust, a translation that will work for your audience and clients. Especially in case of medical, legal, and technical translations, errors can have horrible consequences. And to win an audience over with a translated marketing or literary text is more than just translating it. It involves experienced use of two languages, translation skills, creativity, and style. So don't trust your translations to a machine or the AI craze. Trust the human experts who actually think and learn, something a machine will never do. It might be fed additional information by humans, but it will never think or learn like we do.  

More on machine translation and algorithm: An article by Sophia Quaglia, courtesy of Slate: Death by Machine Translation?

Who Are we?

We are two individual translators providing this service, so all communication is directly with us, the experts, providing the translations. We are not an agency giving your work to someone else, we are the ones carrying out the translations. Therefore, you know who does the work and you know who you can trust.

We have 25 years experience in the subject fields of marketing, law, business correspondence. book translations, medical and pharmaceutical texts, and other fields.

We are interested in working with companies as their translation team for German and English, taking care of all the texts and materials to be translated from and into these two languages.

Please feel free to reach out to us today. 

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Bernhard and Susannah Sulzer


Thank you for visiting A Great Translation.

It is our mission to provide accurate and stylistically flawless translations from and into German and English. We have honed our translation skills since 1998 and specialize in translating novels and non-fiction books as well as technical, medical, legal, business, marketing, and other texts.

Our meticulous work guarantees excellent results.

As professionals, we are committed to best practices, including business ethics and established fair pay in our industry.

We partner with authors and publishers, academic institutions, law firms, translation agencies, and serious direct clients who appreciate excellent work.


Fields of Experience


Book translations

Since 2014, we have translated and published translations of books (both fiction and non-fiction) and continue to do so.

We are currently translating a book describing the experience of a German soldier during WWII in the Soviet Union. 


Legal texts /Law

Business contracts, terms and conditions, court documents such as complaints, divorce decrees, and many other legal texts; personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, wills, prenuptial agreements and more for the following jurisdictions: United States, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, and Austria; certified translations for the United States



Website translations, marketing and advertising materials, company and product presentations, business and financial reports, public relations texts, compliance and ethics statements, online training courses and training manuals, terms and conditions, corporate communications and much more.


Medical/Pharmaceutical texts

Diagnoses, medical and psychological reports, medical certificates, instructions for medical procedures and devices, descriptions and explanations of medications and instructions for their use, court documents involving patient histories, complications after surgeries and use and misuse of medications, certified translations of court decisions, and much more.

We provide translations in many other fields. Please inquire. 


Bernhard and Susannah Sulzer