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Toledo, Ohio

Legal and Business/Marketing Translations

Our two main areas of specialization are:

Legal texts /law (business contracts, license agreements, terms and conditions, court documents such as complaints, divorce decrees, and many other legal documents; personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, wills, prenuptial agreements and other texts concerning the laws of the United States, Germany, and Austria; certified translations for the United States)

Business/Marketing (website translations, marketing and advertising materials, company and product presentations, business and financial reports, public relations texts, compliance and ethics statements, online training courses and training manuals, terms and conditions, and many more)

We work in other areas as well: literature, social sciences, IT, engineering and more.

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Susannah Sulzer and I, Bernhard Sulzer, provide high-quality translations from English to German and German to English. We have worked successfully in this industry since 1998. Susannah is a native speaker of English (US variant) and I am a native speaker of German. Both of us also have excellent command of our respective second languages. We are based in Toledo, Ohio. 

We are committed to quality and direct partnership with our clients.



It's a simple but important concept: direct collaboration between client and translator builds trust, ensures understanding of objectives and guarantees best results with the target audience:

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